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Did FOX News Try to Politically Assassinate Trump to Maintain the Status Quo?

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FOX News Political Debate


FOX News is really starting to show how they are attempting to influence the elections by destroying Donald Trump through claims that he is against women. I think the attack is really exaggerated; he may say some wild things, but is he really against women? I would say the evidence does not support that. Nonetheless, FOX News will turn this into a nasty campaign to deliberately stack the cards against Trump so we end up with Bush. This illustrates that they are not listening to why the vast majority are in favor of Trump. A friend who is a die-hard Democrat said to me after the debate, “You know, I may just vote for Trump. Nobody owns this guy!” To say I was stunned is saying it mildly. This 2016 election is going to be really interesting for it appears this may develop as a war against the establishment. Wasting eight years by electing a professional politician will change nothing.

The questioning NEVER dealt with any substance. Forget about the social issues. How about asking a single question about the future direction of the economy? Not a single political candidate who is of that professional class would deliver any possible change. Obama has proven that Democrat or Republican, it really does not matter. Obama has been Bush part II. Nothing ever changes.

I did listen to Trump’s telephone interview on Bloomberg News. I must say, he expressed his opinions on who was the better Fed Chairman that others would be hard to remember any names from the past. When the economy turns down, we may see support for Trump rise rather than fall. At the very least, Trump is expanding the voting base by attracting more of the anti-politician movement. If anything, he might shake Washington up. It is hard to imagine any change will be to the better from the professional politician.