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Cruz losing Support of Fellow Republicans

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Proof that Ted Cruz is very much disliked among Republicans was demonstrated over the Planned Parenthood issue. Cruz is being ignored in Congress. On Monday night, Republicans ignored Cruz’s attempt to disrupt Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to fund the government without attacking Planned Parenthood. This incident demonstrates that Cruz would not have the support of his party if president. It was highly unusual, but the Republicans denied him a “sufficient second” that would have allowed him a roll call vote. Then, Cruz’s Republican colleagues loudly responded “no” when Cruz sought a voice vote. Twice, the Republicans showed how little support Cruz actually has and his religious agenda would only alienate the Party. Talk on the Hill, actually began to swing toward Trump. Some are now saying that if Trump has the “majority” of delegates say 1100 but shy of the requirement, he should be nominated. This is a real turn of events to put it mildly.