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Language is the Key to an Empire

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Bush is taking on Trump over his comment to uphold English as America’s primary language. “We’re a nation that speaks English. Whether we like it or not, that’s how people assimilate,” Trump declared at a New York press conference.

Trump CORRECTLY articulated the issue that speaking English is assimilation and the strength of the nation. Bush is DEAD WRONG on this issue. All one needs to do is travel to Europe. Ask an American what they are and they will respond something along the lines of, “Half Germen and half Irish.” In Europe, such a combination is extremely rare because they do not speak the same language. I could no more hire someone in the United States as a receptionist to answer the phone only in Japanese any more than I could hire someone in Japan who answered the phone in Spanish.


One of the traits that identified the decline and fall of Rome was the loss of a common language. As more and more people were being attracted to the Roman Empire as we see with the United States today, their failure to learn Latin contributed to the collapse of the Empire exactly as the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. In the early days, immigrants learned Latin and entered as servants, house masters, and educators. After 180AD, the influx increased where the population of the city of Rome reached 1 million, something that would not be seen until London during the Victorian era. As immigration increased and jobs became more as common workers, the language began to divide taking on dialects mixed with their own language that then set the stage for the Latin based difference between Frankish (French), Anglo tribal variations (English), Spanish, Italian, Greek, and German. A common language enables greater communication and economic strength. Breakup that bond and you lose economic growth resulting in the precise outcome of the Tower of Babel.

Sorry, Bush is very wrong and Trump is correct. What made the Roman Empire last so long was the single language. As Julius Caesar said in war – “Divide and conquer.” If a nation diverts into regional languages, they will lose the bond that holds the nation together. Any empire with multiple languages split according to language. Hello! Look at Ukraine East (Russian) and West (Ukrainian).

Of course, the media takes Bush’s side without the slightest bit of question.