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Comey v Lynch

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Comey-James FBI-Portrait

QUESTION: Do you think that Comey is protecting the Democrats by refusing to indict Hillary when he was originally appointed by a Republican? Why the switch?

ANSWER: Let me explain something here. I believe Comey was not about to recommend an indictment on Hillary. But Comey’s role is the head of the FBI, not a prosecutor at the Department of Justice. He took the heat for this but we have to dig a little deeper.

Lynch was caught meeting with Bill Clinton and I believe that had to do with a separate investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Bill had to have known there would never be an indictment. The Democrats let Hillary run and Joe Biden failed to step in. So the deal was cut for Hillary. The elite judge people and they think Hillary can win simply because she is a woman. However, the under-45 women are not impressed with that.


Lynch said she would accept whatever recommendation Comey presented, but at the same time, the DOJ said she held the final decision. Legally, Comey was just the FBI. The FBI has no constitutional power to bring an indictment. Therefore, the fix was in. If Comey is speaking the truth and nobody knew he was making that announcement that day, which happened to time with Obama coming out for Hillary, then we must consider that Comey effectively put Hillary on public trial by explaining everything she actually did. If Comey merely sent a report to Lynch, this info would NEVER have been released. So, if we take Comey at his word that he did not tell Obama or Lynch, then what he did was put Hillary on public trial.

True, Comey manipulated the statutes to clear Hillary. That was so obvious, that one must wonder if he thinks everyone is that stupid. Or, just maybe, Comey did not tell Obama or Lynch and put all the evidence out there knowing this would lead to a Congressional investigation, which would take the case out of Lynch’s rigged hands. This all depends on whether or not Comey was telling the truth that neither Obama nor Lynch knew what he was going to do. It certainly seems that this was more detrimental to Hillary than anything was so far.

Hillary’s lead over Donald Trump collapsed to just 3 points after Comey’s shocking announcement. There will be Congressional investigations and there is so much dirt on Hillary, well, she just may lose after all. Keep in mind we are all getting tired of this election that seems to never end. It is just a little more than half over. So we have seen a lot thus far, but we may not have seen enough just yet.