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Comey-James FBI-Portrait

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Comey kept you in prison without any charges under the pretense of contempt. Then he supported a lifetime gag order on you to prevent you from ever helping the Japanese against HSBC, which is notorious for laundering money. Well Comey was also a board member of HSBC whose clients also contributed more than $80 million to Hillary’s foundation. Don’t you think that is why Comey did not recommend an indictment?

ANSWER: Yes, all those facts are true. However, Comey did not join the non-executive board of HSBC until 2013. Comey was ORDERED to provide a recommendation not to indict. I believe he aired all the evidence of why Hillary should should be indicted because he could not deliver a real recommendation after Lynch was caught meeting with Bill Clinton. Just because he was hired by HSBC as protection from prosecution, which is why they hire ex-prosecutors and politicians, does not mean anything directly. Their clients donated (or perhaps bribed) Hillary, but that does not provide a direct link to Comey. Yet, this does reflect how incestuous politics has become.