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CNN Shows it’s Bias Warning People it’s Somehow Illegal to Possess the Hillary Emails

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Chris Cuomo at CNN is showing how to use word in a very misleading way. His father and brother were both NY governors, so he was born and raised in a DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL FAMILY. Mario Matthew Cuomo was an American Democratic politician WHO WAS FAIRLY WELL KNOWN and once touted as a potential President. Chris Cumo says in this piece that it is “illegal” to possess stolen emails but it’s OK for the Press. This is total bullshit. It appears that CNN is telling you to get the scoop only from the media. It is NOT illegal to read the emails nor to possess them. It is not any different for the press or for an individual.  Wikileaks is not the culprit who stole the information and more than all the press reported what Snowden revealed. Snowden is living protected in Russia because he took the material. It was not “illegal” to read, possess or distribute the documents he released publicly.

It certain appears that CNN is way too biased here and this calls into question the integrity of CNN as a reliable source.