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Clinton Hinting Plan B – Blame Putin

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The Clinton campaign is clearly trying to see if they can play the Russia card and allege that the votes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were hacked. They said they were now investigating “any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.”

While the vote was overwhelming reaching more than a 70,000 margin in Pennsylvania for Trump, Hillary is trying to still play the Russia card. I warned about this for it was being discussed prior to the election.  Plan B from the outset was always to call the election a FRAUD and deny Trump to take office. With 99% of newspapers endorsing Hillary, the media will be on board to try to call the election a fraud. Caution is still necessary for the media will plunge the nation into political chaos and the Washington Post will lead the way. They are already claiming there was fake news put out by Putin via Wikileaks to deny Hillary the crown. The Washington Post will not be satisfied until there is blood flowing in the streets from their biased reporting propaganda.

The Democrat’s mouth piece, the Washington Post reported: “The denunciation, made by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security, came as pressure was growing from within the administration and some lawmakers to publicly name Moscow and hold it accountable for actions apparently aimed at sowing discord around the election.”

They were trying to set the stage to call the election a fraud if Trump won by a hair. However, it was a landslide and this took the wind out of their sails for Plan B. My advice to Trump is to demand a recount and investigation in California. That is where there was a lot of evidence of fraud against Bernie to benefit Hillary. Trump should demand an investigation of California if there is any attempt to claim these three states were hacked by Russia. There is absolutely no way they could prove it was Russia in any event. Nevertheless, the cycle was for Trump, not Hillary.

If the election is stolen from Trump, this will be it. Look for civil unrest in the not too distant future that will lead to an explosion of separatist movements.