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Can Hillary Win?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Do you think that Hillary can win? And if so, what would happen?



ANSWER: Our model is not unanimous for Trump. There is technically a 25% chance that Hillary could win, which one of our four models projects a Democratic victory. However, if you look at the mainstream channels from CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC, it is very clear they have an agenda to defeat Trump. Just like in Britain, they are starting to manipulate the polls already. I would not expect the polls to be fair or honest this year as was proven in the BREXIT vote. The elites are desperate to kill Trump and they will manipulate the polls just as they forced the head of Fox News out on the very day Trump was to deliver his acceptance speech. They rig and coordinate absolutely everything to prevent a Trump victory. This is all out political war. Make no mistake about that. Even the Republican elites like Paul Ryan and John McCain want to defeat Trump and will hail Hillary behind the curtain. Neither one wants an outsider who might expose their corruption. McCain voted to put a sales tax on the internet and then denied he voted for a tax increase claiming he was voting only to force collection of what was owed to the States. He is a two-face liar with a nasty temper who berates even a waitress for the slightest mistake.

The press is part of the establishment and have received their marching orders to push Hillary. They are vehemently against Trump as are all the Republican elites like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitt Romney because those in Washington want to rob the people as always and are clinging to power. The claimed Billionaires for Hillary are buying the White House and various positions on committees for ego. Hillary’s pick for Secretary of the Treasury will be Larry Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock. He will get to sell all his stock in Black Rock tax free. This is why these people take these positions in addition to ego. They have to sell their shares and the law allows them tax-free status because this is a requirement. Why do you think Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson from Goldman Sachs took that position. Besides helping Goldman, they get to cash out tax free.

Those in power in Washington  fear a revolution is in the wind as they have watched in Europe. Politicians know all too well that what begins in Europe spread to the USA as a contagion in politics just as it does in fashion. So Hillary is one of them and both the Democrats and Republican elite are really behind Hillary to prevent any outsider from changing their power base.


I fully expect that those in power will rig the votes to try to make Hillary victorious just as they stole the election from Bernie in the primaries. You are talking about the most ruthless people in the country. You cannot get there if you have morals. I have stated before, the ONLY way Trump can win is with a huge turnout that is so overwhelmingly against Hillary. The press is now pushing the Libertarians because they believe that those who would vote for Trump will turn to the Libertarians and that will be a victory for Hillary. Our models have been showing a huge 3rd Party spike for 2016. The Press will now push the Libertarians to try to stop Trump and we should see that this election will produce the biggest percentage take of the vote for the Libertarians so far.

White House Hillarys Den of Thieves

If Hillary wins, everything will begin to collapse much more rapidly and this may be part of the cycle since we are showing the earliest point for a monetary crisis reform in 2018. Hillary may be what is needed to push us over the edge. Hillary will approve all tax increases and send the economy down really hard especially since Social Security goes bust next year with medicare. Hillary’s Billionaires will be fine, but the rest of us will get royally screwed.

Alan Cohen GS

Hillary is owned by the NY Bankers. My own case began under the Clintons and I can tell you that Goldman Sachs ruled the court. The receiver Alan Cohen ordered all my lawyers to turn over all tapes I had documenting EVERY market manipulation from the early 1980s. They threaten to throw my lawyers in contempt with me unless they turned the tapes over to the court’s receiver. Then, all the evidence that would have been enough to hang many bankers in New York City, mysteriously was destroyed in the World Trade Center according to the SEC. Alan Cohen, the court receiver, was then hired by Goldman Sachs and placed on their Board of Directors. He worked for the Court and Goldman Sachs simultaneously and would never resign from the court. I believe Cohen refused to resign because someone else would have began to investigate what was going on and this huge conflict of interest between the Court and Goldman Sachs would have been exposed.

When Bush was elected in 2000, only then did the government offer me a deal to drop all the charges if I plead to some conspiracy with Edmond Safra, to which I declined. I stood up in court and objected to the seizure of all the tapes on the market manipulations to no avail. It did not matter. The federal court in New York City protects New York Banks. The corruption is pervasive.


Transcript of my Objection to the seizure of all my evidence against the bank manipulations

(see Goldman Sachs v Armstrong)

TTIPGoldman Sachs is under criminal investigation right now for the whole Malaysia deal and is being sued for $510 million currently because of their dealings. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. They set up Greece and Iceland. The trade deal  TTIP is to protect Goldman for anyone who wants to sue them must do so only in New York City. Goldman Sachs would be prosecuted under a Trump White House for it would be pay-back time. You can bet that EVERY mainstream media supports Goldman Sachs and is fighting very hard to make Hillary the president selling out the nation long-term to maintain everything as is.

So I do not expect a FAIR election. There is way TOO MUCH at stake here and you can see it with Paul Ryan coming out against Trump to protect the status quo. Handing Trump’s wife a plagiarized speech was a deliberate attempt to make Trump look like a fool. Trump did not fire the speech writer warning that he has people inside his campaign that are Trojan Horses for Paul Ryan and crew. These people are against the country and will fight as dirty as they can and I would not expect the press to expose any truth about Hillary but to now try their hardest to stop Trump. Just watch the news and everything negative they can possibly do to Trump mainstream media will now unleash. Paul Ryan and other elite Republicans have surrendered to Hillary to keep the corruption in place. The computer projects a Republican victory on 3 out of 4 models, and this trend is global as shown in BREXIT. Nevertheless, the corruption is so pervasive in Washington, both Democrats and the establishment Republican led by Paul Ryan will not tolerate any outsider coming in and taking the money out of their hands. The game is just rigged and they will rob the people of their vote any way they can. This is an outright political war – POLITICIANS v PEOPLE. Trump will not win if it ends up as a close count.

As a result, I will say this. If Hillary wins, I would then fear the government because it will be controlled 100% by Goldman Sachs. My battle was against those in New York. But now, New York will seize control of Washington. I personally would have to consider leaving the United States for I do not believe there would be any hope left and the nation will fall into total corruption. Our models shows that the West will fall and the Financial Capital will shift to China for the next wave starting in 2032.95. Hillary may be that final straw to help push Western society over the edge.

Would Trump be any better? I believe he is too independent to allow such corruption and that independence is what Paul Ryan fears. Goldman would probably be prosecuted under Trump, but the damage is far too great for this to be reversed where we save Western society. Hillary’s policies would just destroy the United States and Western Society as a consequence for we are already collapsing under socialism with massive unfunded pensions. Trump may put up a good fight, but he either surrenders to the elites naively or they will assassinate him because there is just too much at risk from their perspective to allow him to really change Washington.

Veni-Vidi-Vici - CopyHillary is a hard-core feminist and that is the only reason she has put up with Bill to win the White House for herself. No other female head of state or politician I have ever met was such a feminist. The audacity that women should just vote for her because she is a woman is a warning sign that she is taking the 1960s bra-burning war against men to the White House. Such a gender war is inappropriate for a head of state. Nevertheless, this has always been her agenda and with Hillary in the White House, these types of women are normally harder than men to deal with because they often feel they have to prove themselves. Hillary would be more prone to war because she feels she needs to prove a woman can be tough. So the future under Hillary will be much more chaotic. We already have Black Lives Matter rather than ALL LIVES MATTER and this helps to keep society fragmented. Turning the White House into a feminist agenda will surely achieve Julius Caesar’s policy to win – Divide & Conquer. Hillary’s quest for the White House knows no bounds. Her motto is indeed – Veni Vidi Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)