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Bye Bye Hillary? Or a Fight to the Bitter End?

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Hillary’s dream of becoming the first woman president is evaporating rapidly. She leads Bernie Sander by only 8 point in New Hampshire when she was supposed to be the big name and her coronation as the next Democratic candidate was claimed to be the safest bet in Washington. But her obstruction of justice has violated everything from Treason taking money from foreign government for her “charity” to dodging subpoenas which was an obstruction of justice and violating the Freedom of Information Act. Her trust rating collapsed to 28%, showing that even Jeb Bush would clean her clock. Bill will come to the rescue to try to raise more money for her, but this not about money.

As I am stated, there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that the FBI would have started an investigation into Hillary and her obstruction of justice (treason) for conducting personal business intermixed with state business from a private server. All along, those of us who understand the interworking of Capitol Hill could read between the lines that Obama supported Biden, not Hillary. I expect Biden to announce he is entering by October. Hillary seems not to fear prosecution whereas any other unwanted candidate would back off with the onset of an investigation into criminal activity. The talk of the town is when will Biden enter. Now the press is picking up saying it’s time for Joe.

Why did Ross Perot back out of running for president? There was, of course, the lame excuse that was a total lie.

Perot eventually stated the reason was that he received threats that digitally altered photographs would be released by the Bush campaign to sabotage his daughter’s wedding.[30] Regardless of the reasons for withdrawing, his reputation was badly damaged. Many of his supporters felt betrayed and public opinion polls would subsequently show a large negative view of Perot that was absent prior to his decision to end the campaign.[31]

Source: Wikipedia

There was the rumor that there were threats of investigating his airport. His airport does not handle tourists, only cargo. It was alleged that a lot of illegal things were going in and out of his hub. Yet, then there was the Clinton connection. A deal was allegedly promised to Perot that Hillary’s healthcare proposal would give his computer company the contract for the entire healthcare system she was designing. That failed to get through, but allegedly Perot was a ringer to swing the election to Clinton in 1992. This was just another one of those corruption views with the Clintons that people would say you better count your fingers after shaking hands.

Perot was in the running, but his campaign did not seem focused on winning. What did emerge was Bill Clinton, who suddenly soared from third in the polls to becoming President of the United States. Perot blamed the Republicans for creating doctored pictures of his daughter. Those claims or excuses were pretty crazy. Any doctored photo would have been detected.

Moreover, I was even asked by leading members in the Republican Party to meet with Perot. I was in Tokyo and agreed to fly to Dallas for a meeting on my way home. That meeting was scheduled for the weekend that he pulled out of the race. They would NEVER have asked me to fly to Texas to meet with him if they were trying to blackmail him with doctored photos nobody ever saw of his daughter. It was a total surprise to them and I landed in Dallas before I could change my flight.

Perot, claiming to be a fiscal conservative, made no sense when he suddenly blamed Republicans knowing those allegations were benefiting Clinton. Perot exited, then reentered, based upon allegation that the Clintons’ offered him a deal he could not refuse — the biggest contract in computing history. He dropped from 39% before his crazy exit to 19% after reentering, so those votes were key to getting Clinton elected.

Larry Nichols, Clinton’s key inside man who knew what was going on back then, was the a key witness for the prosecution during his impeachment. Nichols allegedly admitted that Perot was a “ringer” to win the election for Clinton.

The legacy of the Clinton’s behind the curtain has also been one of questioning everything, two, three, if not four to ten times. The lack of honesty between the words seems to be catching up. Hillary and Bill have been rather notorious for doing whatever it takes to win while lining their pockets at the same time. So it is no surprise that Hillary may fight to the end without ever fearing prosecution for anything she has ever done is in the past.