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Buckle Up for the Biggest Tax Increase in American History

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Turn out LightsBuckle up, because a Hillary victory will be devastating to the economy for taxes are going to rise SUBSTANTIALLY. We are looking at major changes coming in inheritance taxes and of course when Hillary says she will increase taxes for social security and payroll, notice she says the “rich” revealing her core socialist belief that anyone who owns their own business and employs others is that nasty group of “rich people” she has campaigned against so hard. The higher the taxes the lower the economic growth and one need only look to Europe to see what it has produced. Facts do not matter, this is a vendetta.

The only way to avoid this type of abusive tax that is hopelessly lost because they will not allow social security to “invest” in anything but government bonds. Therefore, lowering interest rates to help banks is making Social Security even more insolvent and that means higher taxation. Small business will be forced to hire any employee only as a private contractor. Then social security taxes will at least be paid just once instead of twice for which the employee will never receive anyway.
Get ready. We will see the greatest tax increase in American history from all the inside sources behind the curtain. The Press will make sure Hillary wins. It’s over. Just turn out the lights. This is how the West collapses – running straight into the theory of Karl Marx; which Russia and China discovered did not work. Let’s get real. If anyone in the private sector ran a fund like Social Security, it would be a Ponzi scheme and 25 years in prison under SEC law.