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Arizona Voter Fraud

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The outraged voters in Arizona are just another example of the growing feelings of anger toward government. One citizen captured it best after yelling at the corrupt politicians who rigged the election to ensure Hillary would win. “The corruption has become so prevalent that you became comfortable, and you became so comfortable that you became lazy, and you became so lazy that you got caught. You (Purcell) are a snake in the grass and we see you!”

More than 100,000 signatures have been collected demanding a new election and a federal criminal investigation. They reduced the number of places people could vote by 70% to prevent the vote from coming out. On the Democratic side, we have the machine working hard to ensure Hillary is nominated. On the Republican side, they are doing everything to prevent Trump from being nominated.


Both parties are desperate to prevent the outsiders who would reform their money machine. Stalin will be proven correct in the West as well. Those in power assume it will end as it always does — the people go back to watching TV soap operas and sports and let the politicians rob us blind. Our computer is warning that this will not be the case this time.