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Another Prosecutor Shows Comey’s Complete Incompetance-Political Bias?

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Former District Attorney for the State of South Carolina and a Federal Prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, tears James Comey apart illustrating how he has simply refused to indict Hillary when there is far more evidence what she did was scathingly criminal. But the Democrats will cover it all up far worse than the Nixon cover-up of Watergate. This actually involves complete incompetence of Hillary to hold any office involving the security of the nation. In fact, now Paul Ryan has petitioned the intelligence agencies NOT to provide security information to Hillary during the campaign. Hillary has no credibility and never has. Now the State Department is reopening the probe into Hillary’s emails since Comey refuses to indict. They will look at sanctioning Hillary and her staff. This is a scandal beyond belief for it involves the very security of the United States as well as the entire western society. Hillary has place the West in danger and has the audacity to run for president. Worst yet, the Democrats justify her actions so effectively this means every government employee can refuse to use secure government emails and it is not a crime.