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Puerto Rico Earthquake

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Earthquake Caribbean

Many people have been writing in asking what does Socrates have to say on the earthquake that shook Puerto Rico. This was the first people have really felt since 1917. While such earthquakes may appear to be rare events, there is a general 19.29-year cycle on earthquakes in that general region of the Caribbean. Here is the data of just major earthquakes in the Caribbean.


Year Location Magnitude
1692 Jamaica 7.5
1751 Port-au-Prince 8 59
1770 Port-au-Prince 7.5 19
1787 Boricua 8 17
1842 Cap-Haïtien 8.1 55
1843 Guadeloupe 8.5 1
1907 Kingston 6.5 64
1918 San Fermín 7.1 11
1946 Dominican Republic 8.1 28
1974 Lesser Antilles 6.9 28
1984 San Pedro Basin 6.7 10
2003 Dominican Republic 6.4 19
2004 Les Saintes 6.3 1
2007 Martinique 7.4 3
2010 Haiti 7 3
2018 Haiti 5.9 8
2020 Puerto Rico Basin 6.5 2

There is a general cycle of 19.29 years which was due 2019.71. This is a cycle based on the entire region and it reflects an average, not a specific location. Nonetheless, we should see a noticeable increase in earthquake events in the region.

What you will notice is that the last column on the right which is the number of years between events. Note that since the 2004 event, the frequency has changed. This is what I have been warning about which ties into the fraud being carried out about Climate Change groups of Greenpeace and Al Gore.

There was a solar maximum in 2000. In 2006 NASA initially expected a solar maximum in 2010 or 2011, and thought that it could be the strongest since 1958. However, the solar maximum was not declared to have occurred until 2014, and even then was ranked among the weakest on record.

Even since the peak in 2000, the profile of volcanoes and earthquakes on a global scale have increased. This is what takes place during solar minimum phases because the energy waves coming from the sun change. It is believed that the types of waves emitted from the sun penetrate the earth and may be causing greater activity in volcanoes and earthquakes. This correlates also with the ECM during the historical rise and fall of civilizations.

Global Warming Save Planet AOC 604x1024

This is all a backdrop to what Socrates is warning about a return of inflation and global cooling due to solar minimum which will result in also food shortages. So the climate change conspiracy groups may get their wish – reduction in population, but from global cooling.