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La Palma Volcano & 6th Wave

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La Palma 2021 Carnary Islands

QUESTION: Marty, if I understood your forecasts on volcanos, you said this would increase post-2020 but the big one was not until after 2032. Is this all hype about La Palma Volcano?


REPLY: There is normally a rise in volcanic activity with solar minimum. There is a plain correlation with that. I have written about how Napoleon was defeated by a Volcanic Winter. This eruption of La Palma Volcano seems to be on target. There is roughly a 22-year cycle to that particular volcano.

The known eruptions have been 2021 (Sep – ongoing), 1971, 1949, 1712, 1677-1678, 1646, and 1585. This volcano conforms to the 8.6-year frequency. It has been 51.6 years from 1971 to 2021 so it is on target. This one can build bigger. There is a risk it could extend into 2022 since this is the 6th wave from 1712.

There are a number of volcanos on the watch list right now. The main threat of volcanos is creating volcanic winters.