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Is Greta Trying to Cash in on the Coronavirus?

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Greta Time Magazine

Gore Inconvenient TruthEven Greta Thunberg is getting in on the act by trying to claim she has the coronavirus. She wrote in a social media post on Tuesday that she and her father had both shown symptoms of COVID-19 after returning from a recent trip to Central Europe. She had stayed inside and self-isolated for the past two weeks, though she had not been tested for the virus, she said on Instagram where she has 10 million followers.

Meanwhile, Greta said on Tuesday that the swift and far-ranging economic collapse and social shifts being brought in to stem the coronavirus pandemic have shown that the rapid action needed to curb climate change was also possible. Once again, her movement is all about shutting down industry to save the planet. This entire coronavirus seems to be a scam to achieve political upheavals. The excuses for the socialist agenda collapsing by next year to just print money as proposed under MMT and to accomplish perhaps the end goals of the climate change movement.

This is all beginning to appear indeed as an inconvenient truth. The problem is that these people know that the socialist agenda is collapsing. Pensions are failing thanks to negative interest rates. Their entire agenda for decades is about to be buried in the sands of time. I have warned that they would rise and fight back. Never in my imagination would I have guessed they could tear civilization apart by pretending everyone will die from a virus. Even Oxford University has shown maybe one in a thousand who contract the virus would require hospitalization.