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Incendiary Sky

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COMMENT: I live on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic in a little town which is one of the kite and wind surfing spots in the world …. while driving home last month in one of those beautiful weather fluctuations we experience here, I watched the sky turn from yellow and blue to magenta and purple.  The cloud formations were changing so rapidly, it was visually challenging (especially since I was driving).  Suddenly, I just knew that I had to stop and get out of my car with my cellphone camera as something magnificent was about to happen…and it did.  The photo attached shows what formed and deconstructed in the space of 120 seconds, and I have 6 phases of it…the attached representing the final flame before decomposing.  I call this photo “Incendiary Sky”.  …


REPLY: I have seen such events. They are truly remarkable and remind me how we are just observers in a universe that is teeming with things to explore. The ancients would see such events as a precursor to the future — an omen. Turmoil, but a fresh beginning.