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Half of Women Childless by 30 – Fewer People to Tax

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The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) completed a survey that shows over 50% of women are childless by the time they reach their 30th birthday. This marks the first time that over half of women in this age group did not report having children since record-keeping began in 1920.

Around 57% of women born in 1970 began a family by the age of 30, and 76% of women born in 1950 reportedly had as well. At the dawn of the World War II Baby Boomer years, women born in 1949 typically had children by the age of 22. Those born in the 1920s usually had children by the age of 26, which was later than the generation before and after them due to the war. The most common age to enter motherhood is now 31. Women have been having fewer children on average as well since outdated unrepealed taxes, such as the income tax, have made it nearly impossible for one income to support a household.

All first-world countries are in a real crisis for they have insufficient children to maintain their population size. Numerous countries are introducing immigrants into their populations to compensate for the lack of people to tax. At this rate, all social programs will collapse as they were never designed properly from the outset. They are based on a Ponzi scheme where they rely on taxing a growing younger population to service the benefits of the older generation. This also points to a deeper shift in family values and overall life. Countries such as Russia and Hungary have implemented financial incentives for women to give birth, but the cost of childcare and raising a human are out of reach for many in the Millennial generation.