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Was the Group Abe was Associated with the WEF?

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Abe Prime Minister Shinzo

The official story is desperately trying to explain the motive behind the assassination of Shinzo Abe as being linked to a fringe political party that had criticized him ahead of Sunday’s upper house election. Akihiko Kurokawa, secretary-general of the NHK Party, has alleged that during a campaign debate the previous month Abe was to blamed for obscure funding of religious groups in Japan. They were supposed to be a front for “foreign spy activities.”

Abe_Contributor_World_Economic_Forum WEF

However, there are no direct connections between the suspected shooter and the NHK Party. The “group” that nobody wants to talk about is allegedly non-other than Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Abe was a contributor to the WEF. There are no ties of the shooter to any local grudge group. The “group” may be that of the WEF and they do not want to publicly state that for fear of copy-cat assassinations elsewhere. This is by no means the only political assassination in Japan’s history.