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The Japan Outlook

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IMMJY Q 10 6 22

QUESTION: Marty, I greatly appreciate all you do to try to prevent this war cycle. You have said many times Socrates beats you. With missiles flying over Japan here, what do you see ahead?


ANSWER: Nice to hear from you. It does not look very good. A year-end closing below 6805 will warn of a major crash in the Japanese yen next year.  I cannot stop the cycle. The best I can possibly do is perhaps reduce the amplitude. Even that is speculative. It just seems that we have insane leaders who care more about defeating Russia for this climate change nonsense. What they are doing to farmers in the Netherlands is insane. They know that the current monetary system is collapsing. They are using the war in hopes of creating an excuse and a diversion from their own sovereign debt defaults – hence you will own nothing and be happy.

War Cycle 2019

All the markets look to be cascading into 2023. This is not my opinion. I wish I did not even have to talk about this nonsense. The ray of hope is we get to restart the world economy post-2032. That is when we will hit the control-alt-delete. All I can do is try desperately to get society just for once to look at history and see what systems worked and what failed.

History Repeat Copy