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Pro-Palistinian Protests

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QUESTION: Well, you projected a Middle East war two years ago. Do you see this escalating to the entire region?


ANSWER: You are witnessing pro-Palestinian protests on a grand scale. They are applying so much pressure; even Obama is distancing himself from Biden, and there are Democrats starting to push for him to withdraw from the 2024 election. All of this is going over the heads of just about everyone. I will cover this issue in detail at the WEC. But to suffice it to say that there is another whole dimension here. Turkey is seeking to rile up the Arabs coming out, calling Israel committing war crimes. Erdogan is doing this strategically, for it has been his dream for years to resurrect the Ottoman Empire.

So, while people focus on hating Putin, you better start looking more closely at the Middle East. Turkey is a member of NATO, with US bases there and nukes pointed at Russia. This was a massive protest to storm the US base there. American soldiers in the Middle East are now at risk. If they defend themselves, then the US will also be a war criminal in addition to the Great Satin.

Merkel Welcome

Europe has been infiltrated by Muslims thanks to Merkel. France will be the predominant Muslim before this cycle ends. Christian families on average in France have 1.8 children, whereas the Muslims in France average 8.1. We have a lot more problems waiting for us ahead.  You will see terrorist attacks inside Europe, and the same will take place inside the USA. This will justify more lockdowns.