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Israel into April

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Israel Y Bifurcation 2021 target

QUESTION: Marty Socrates was the only one to forecast the trend change in Israel in 2021. With tensions rising over Iran, the forecast for a dollar rally into 2025 seems to be on point. My question is, I assume the 2021 low is a major low, and how high will the dollar go?

Thank you so much for Socrates. It is the only analysis that is ever unbiased.


Israel Y tech target 4 3 24

ANSWER: The 2021 low was the target on the array and our Bifurcation models. This currency elected a Yearly Bullish signal at the end of 2022, and that confirmed that the 2021 low would be a major low. It is interesting that when Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 1983, the dollar rose for 19 years. It was 2021 when the Israeli-Palestine Crisis started to catch fire. Once again, you see that the dollar rises from the threat of a Middle East War.

Israeli Shekel W Array 4 3 24

The volatility was due to rise the first week of April but this appears to be escalating into the week of April 22nd. There has been activity at Iran’s long-range missile sites. There is no doubt that they will engage in some retaliation against Israel for bombing an Embassy in Damascus. Israel said it was a war room and several high-ranking Iranian officials were killed in the attack, including Mohammad Reza Zahedi – a commander in the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards. He was certainly military and not a diplomat. There are some who question if the US was silently cheering the attack in hopes of drawing in Iran to justify the US getting involved. This is what happens when the confidence in the government falls to 28%. People just do not believe what is being said and the mainstream media surrendered its independence long ago.

The initial resistance stands at 4.36 and the major support lies at the 3.48 level. Currently, we are trading at the 3.70 level. But the more extreme target resistance stands at 5.31 followed by 5.87 looking into 2025.