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Israel Taking Children from UNVACCINATED Parents?

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There seems to be nobody with common sense in governments anymore. Perhaps this is what leads to worldwide revolution and blood-bath by 2032. In Israel, they are actually confiscating children, even newborns, from parents if they were unvaccinated.


Now parents are totally confused. Many ran out and got the vaccination, but now they are told not only can they still get COVID and spread it, they begin to worry can they give COVID to their young children? Gates has put out such false propaganda that if I advised on IBM and I failed to disclose that I owned ONE SHARE and that my advice would benefit me would be 20 years in prison. Gates violates the security law all the time but nobody at the SEC will ever touch him. He has told the world that when the entire world is vaccinated, we will be back to normal by the end of 2022. He has consistently said we need 7 billion vaccine doses to end COVID-19 pandemic. There is NO ENDING COVID for it will always mutate like the Flu each year. Then we have doctors saying you may need 5 booster shots for COVID. If Bill Gates gets $1 per shot given his stake in ALL the vaccine companies, he will be the richest man not just today – but in all of recorded history!

So all this push to vaccinate and now places are becoming PUNITIVE threatening to charge employees $25 per month or more for not getting vaccinated. NEVER before in history has such inconsistent information about health ever been pressed upon the public. We were told to get vaccinated and you will never get COVID. Now it has ended up as that being a lie. So being vaccinated does not end social distancing or masks and then can you still give it to your unvaccinated children? But if the vaccine does not prevent either getting it or infecting others, then there is NEVER going to be a return to normal which may be the real objective.