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Did Socrates Forecast The Israeli Invasion?

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QUESTION: Socrates appears to have picked the Hamas Attack. There was a double Directional change on the currency for the week of October 2nd and then two more directional changes for the following two weeks. There are rumors that people knew it was coming and were buying Northrop Gruman shares the week before. Am I reading correctly that Socrates picked this up in advance because people were positioning themselves in advance?


Northrop Gruman W 904023

ANSWER: This is how Socrates has been forecasting such events. As I have said many times at conferences, I began to understand this back in the 1980s. Those who know of such events start to move the money in advance. Socrates picked up a Double Direction Change the week of September 11th. The previous week was the lowest weekly closing on Northrop Gruman. The main turning point was the week of October 2nd. This showed up in the currency as well, confirming that the target zone was Israel. The same was true looking around at the surrounding economies.

We will address this complex topic at the WEC Nov 17-19th.

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