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Would You Feed Bugs to Your Pet?

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Tyson Foods announced on October of last year that they would begin using insects as a key protein source in their foods. The World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab has touted the idea of replacing domestic livestock with insects in an effort to reduce emissions and force the masses to live with the lease while they acquire the most.

Protix is a Netherlands-based company partnering with Tyson Foods to provide “sustainable” solutions to a non-existent problem. They will begin by poisoning our animals. Protix published a study on the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed that involved a mere eight female beagle dogs who were fed ProteinX, – a protein meal that is produced from the larvae of the black soldier fly. The study claims that these dogs experienced a reduction in bad breath and concluded that placing cheap insect protein in wet and dry dog food and dog treats could benefit their oral health.

Protix is developing LipidX, an insect oil that they hope will replace traditional methods. They’re developing Flytilizer as an alternative to fertilizer. They are also aiming to replace soy meal for chickens with live larvae. This is one of many companies that are aiming to replace not only our food supply, but the food supply of the animals we eat.


So what ingredient should you look for to avoid ground insect remains on your plate? Well, in the US, the FDA does not have any clear guidelines nor do they have a plan to label insect-laced foods. The FDA currently permits an “average of 60 or more insect fragments per 100 grams, or equivalent – 21 CFR 110.110(c)(4)” of insect remains in our foods, but this is due to unsanitary manufacturing policies. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the FDA also permits human hair to fall into our food during the manufacturing process, so long as it is less than one strand per 50 grams. I do apologize to those who have not had breakfast – rodent filth is also permitted in our foods at an average of 1 excreta pellet less than 1 millimeter long per 100 grams.

The same organization pushing insect protein is toying with the idea of outright banning personal gardens. The WEF believes people should “start small and work [their] way up,” to begin to stomach insect consumption. They want us to normalize eating insects as they fly on their private jets from their private yachts to Davos, ravishingly consuming the best of the best. Some governments, like Italy’s, are placing restrictions on insect proteins and cloned meats. Still, the majority of the West is looking to punish the masses for existing by poisoning our food supply.