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WEF Lobbied Dutch Government to Push Great Reset

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I reported that the Dutch government funded several studies that promoted major institutions buying land for rental units. I wrote that the government wanted to normalize permanent renting as we go toward Agenda 2030 and 15-minute cities. The University of Amsterdam published “Buy-to-Live vs. Buy-to-Let: The Impact of Real Estate Investors on Housing Costs and Neighborhoods” and found that the middle class was able to enter the housing market for the first time when not competing with big investors. Yet, they said a lack of institutional investment in real estate caused rentals to rise and was negative. The University of Oxford produced “Keeping Up with the Blackstones: Institutional Investors and Gentrification,” saying that white homeowners needed to be priced out of the market to combat gentrification. Real estate is one of many aspects the World Economic Forum is trying to take over to finalize the Great Reset.

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Dutch MP Pepijn van Houwelingen, who is against the WEF, recently revealed how closely linked the sitting administration has become to the organization. He confirmed that the WEF lobbied the Dutch government to promote the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab wrote Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte a letter inviting him to the 2021 WEF Forum. “Underpinning it will be the process of the Great Reset, an unprecedented mobilization of actionable ideas from the Forum’s action groups, platforms and other initiatives to shape the post COVID-19 world,” Klaus wrote.

Houwelingen states that the WEF has “considerable influence” over the government, especially after the 2019 UN Sustainable Development goals agreement. The agenda is clear. The evidence is overwhelming. Schwab himself discusses his plans for a dystopian world in detail, and yet, people believe it is a conspiracy – wake up!