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Tyson Foods – Go Woke, Go Broke

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Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods may be the next company to learn the lesson, “Go woke, go broke.” The same company that is partnering with the World Economic Forum to add insect protein to your food recently announced that it will lay off US employees in favor of hiring illegal migrants. Boycotts have followed the company’s decision, and now a prominent fund manager is pulling out of Tyson Foods.


American Conservative Values Fund (ACVF) CEO Bill Flaig sees this move as a poor business decision that will repel investment. “I’m not sure other institutional managers will follow boycotting Tyson, but politically conservative investors are becoming aware that they can fight the woke liberal takeover of America with their investments,” Flaig told the Daily Mail.

Tyson Foods announced earlier in the month that it plans to hire 42,000 immigrants, while simultaneously laying off a portion of its staff. “Any insinuation that we would cut American jobs to hire immigrant workers is completely false,” a spokesman for Tyson Foods stated. Yet, the company has fired 1,276 American workers in a small town in Iowa with a population of only 8,000; a town that relied on Tyson Foods. They are also closing plants in Arkansas, Virginia, and Indiana.


The company has been recruitment migrants in the sanctuary city NYC, with promises to secure migrants immigration lawyers and work permits. Naturally they will be able to pay these people less to work in a field that most shy away from.


Tyson Foods forced these American employees to take the COVID vaccination as well.


These woke policies are simply bad for business. BlackRock recently came out and said that shareholder economics had failed and they would begin to back away from ESG related policies because it is bad for business.


Tyson Foods CEO Donnie King is a major establishment supporter, recently backing Nikki Haley and formerly supporting Joe Biden. The company is in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and has already put plans in place to replace some of its natural meat protein with insect protein. The FDA is permitting this to happen and will not require them to label the foods.


Tyson Foods own BallPark, JimmyDean, Hillshire Farm, Aidells, Bosco’s, Bonici, Sara Lee, Nature Raised Farms, Wright Brand, Raised & Rooted, and more. The people and investors will vote with their dollars accordingly.