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Trilateral Commission: 2023 is Year 1 of New World Order

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The Trilateral Commission is a private group of elites formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller to discuss control of Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Membership is invitation only and their meetings are shrouded in secrecy. Takeshi Niinami, Meghan O’Sullivan, and Axel Weber are the three chairs of the organization. Although the members of this organization are not household names, they are very powerful decision-makers – the elite appointed by the dollar.

In leaked notes from a conference held earlier in the year, one speaker has declared that 2023 is year 1 of the New World Order. “Three decades of globalization — defined as integrated, free-market based and deflationary — has been replaced by what will be a multidecade period of globalization defined as fragmented, not-free-market-based but industrial-policy based and structurally inflationary. This year, 2023, is Year One of this new global order.”

This group is also working in secrecy to alter the world as we know it. They are another version of the World Economic Forum in every way possible. They developed a Task Force on Global Capitalism in Transition to transition the modern world away from capitalism. As stated on their website: “There are growing concerns about whether market-based economies will be able to address three major challenges. First, climate change. Second, the disruptions triggered by the digital revolution. Third, rising inequalities.”

And 2023 is the first year of this New World Order, as we have seen all the globalists embedded in politics implement policies to achieve these goals. Remember, all of the rules they want to implement are for you and me – not them. “Moving toward a more sustainable and inclusive capitalism is a defining challenge of our age. The task force hopes its work stimulates discussion, debate, and, ultimately, decision,” the website also states. “Inclusive capitalism” is an oxymoron. Capitalism by definition is “an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit.” It is not meant to be a fair and equitable system. Everyone has an opportunity to earn in this for-profit system that demands hard work over welfare.

The Trilateral Commission is something I will discuss more as many have not heard of the organization. They are so confident that their ideals have been embedded in our society that this is supposedly year 1. The elitists will fail miserably, but chaotic times are ahead. It is no longer a conspiracy that there is a global cabal of elitists who are actively changing society as a whole.