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Time to Show Courage & to Fight

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Courage fight

COMMENT: Every day that I read your blog I tear myself down and rebuild myself up brick by brick. Every day I become a stronger structure from the day before. Thank you. W from Brampton Canada.


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REPLY: This is not a time to be a coward. We must stand and fight for what we know is right and not just for ourselves, but for our families and posterity. I find it amazing how Klaus Schwab champions the 4th Industrial Revolution saying how Artificial Intelligence will change everything, yet we have THE ONLY fully function Artificial Intelligence computer in the world which is monitoring the global economy and writes over 1,000 reports every day without ANY human editing forecasting his demise.

Hect Model Schiavoni Source Code 791x1024

They have imprisoned me in contempt for 7 years on an 18-month statute trying to force me to turn over the source code why? To rule the world? Or to prevent a system that has picked up their movement since August 2019 and warned that they will FAIL in their goal to conquer the world?

We need to stand our ground, fight and show we are not stupid sheep to be chopped and controlled. Another reader sent this message:

Gates, the gatekeeper, on Bloomberg radio talking about vaccines and how they plan to push them out worldwide. Also saying that the next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be very tough and how we will have to forgo restaurants, bars and other things for the next 5 month period.
Booster shots will be needed. He mentioned the use of digital vaccination certificates for international travel and how they already tried to use that for yellow fever. The US rejoining WHO will help start the dialogue of what those digital certificates will look like. It’s quite obvious they need to remove Trump and his supporters.
Listening to this little weasel talk with his wimpy voice makes my skin crawl. What a wuss, he’d get his ass kicked in the playground even by girls.
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