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The View from Britain

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Hi Martin


We certainly live in frustrating blood boiling times. Sadly it appears daily, that not enough was done before the election to prevent what happened – it would have been well worthwhile to set up passive surveillance cameras and teams at obvious electoral fraud hot spots ahead of time – anyway…


The level of anger globally is tangible and in the USA it looks like it is ready to explode. No real independent thinker believes Biden won including my Democrat friends in the US. What I believe a lot of people are not allowing for, is the level of violence coming – the vote was changed electronically to show a Biden win sure – however, the actual win was a Trump landslide – the media talk about an angry 50% of the country – I disagree, it is closer to an angry 70% of the country. You might have changed the vote electronically but you do not change the mind and anger of that voter to the false outcome. They were angry when they made the vote for Trump – imagine now. So no, you will not have 73m angry Trumpers out there – you have about 115m.


Democrats are never happy – so the 30-35% of the voting public that did vote for that ventriloquist dummy Biden – did it out of hate for Trump not love for Biden – most Dems I know despise him – look at the news already regarding the inauguration – they know that there would be such a severely and embarrassingly low turnout that they are making excuses to scale it down – best excuse as usual, covid for not having one. The infighting in the Democrat party has already started. The demands from the BLM and Antifa movements have already started – I expect those riots to flare up again coupled with demands and payback for ‘their vote’. So you have likely over 100m voters that are really pissed at this Zimbabwean election theft – you have another 10m-20m that voted for Biden, also pissed and angry (the liberal left natural default position). Good luck ruling by executive order and diktat in a country where 80% of the electorate are/ on the verge of – taking up arms.


Get ready for the Zimbabwe style blame game – Mugabe spent 30+ years blaming every ill in his country on Britain or colonial rule. I expect the same from the democrats – every violent riot or protest, anything bad – extreme violence, stock market crashes, massive unemployment, wars, domestic ‘terrorist’ incidents – anything bizarre you can think of – will be spun and blamed on the Trump legacy – it will be his fault for everything basically – they have attacked him for 5 years they are not going to give up now – they need a scape goat for what is coming. Watch for terms like Trump sympathisers/ Far right Trump activists etc


Big tech is in for a shock in my opinion. They have shown they are far too effective and dangerous – this will not have gone unnoticed by the democrats – they were used as weapons against Trump – I expect the democrats to move quickly to reduce their power – for sure they will take part in the reset and gain large revenue inflows as a result – but their teeth and claws will be dramatically curtailed – lest those same tech companies turn on the democrats at some time in the near future.


Lastly has the USA become like the UK – by this I mean the UK now has no real opposition – the labour party have become the party of wet chickens. Serving only to rubber-stamp whatever chairman Johnson decrees. Have we seen the blurring/ dissolution of party lines in the USA – clearly many Republicans hated Trump and I am sure some handsome bribes were and will be handed over to a number of Republicans that assisted in this theft. You will note that the electorate identify as TRUMP or CONSERVATIVE very rarely Republican. If the USA has devolved like the UK into a one party ruling elite – with only the vaguest pretences of an actual opposition – hold on tight. Luckily – you still have your arms in the USA.

Kind Regards


REPLY: I think you have a very good perspective. I think the French may lead the way on revolutions this time only because they started before COVID with the Yellow Vests. The French have has more revolutions than many major countries. This idea that the LEFT can suppress the people and impose their version of tyranny never prevails.

In Britain, you MUST turn the police. That is your only hope. Socrates has been suggesting that the4 pound would break the 1985 low. I suspect that Trump can win ONLY if the Supreme Court wakes up and sees that the Democrats will strip them to be an irrelevant club and defe4nds the Constitution. If they do not, the USA is doomed.


Gates Population Control 1024x366


The protesters better surround the Supreme Court and demand this election be overruled. ONLY the USA can stop Schwab who is the modern-day Marx, but he will beat Marx’s record on kills over 200 million people with his ideas. Schwab will probably kill 1 billion making Bill Gates very happy!