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Stolen Kisses < Stolen Elections

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V J_kiss_times_square_2

The “V-J Day in Times Square” photo embodies the joy of American troops returning home from World War II. The image depicts a member of the Navy embracing a nurse for a celebratory kiss. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt captured the moment on Aug. 14, 1945, the moment the news broke that Japan had surrendered to the Allies. The picture has been celebrated throughout the years and captured in statues and other works of art. But now, the far-left feels it is offensive and must be immediately deleted from the archives of history.

Veterans Affair Official RimaAnn Nelson received bipartisan backlash after sending out an internal memo demanding for the image to be immediately removed from all Veterans Health Administration facilities, claiming “historic perspectives on historical events and their representations evolve,” or in other words, must be rewritten to fit the current narrative. Nelson claimed the picture was promoting non-consensual sexual misconduct and would not be tolerated in the current woke environment.

Republicans and Democrats alike were appalled. The far-left has become so engrossed in woke culture that few can stand behind their ideology. Secretary Denis McDonough immediately redacted Nelson’s memo after public backlash and stated that the image would not be removed. It is unclear whether McDonough initially approved of the memo. Leila Jackson, Director of the Assault and Harassment Prevention Office, was noted as the point of contact at the bottom of the letter but has not spoken out.

Now, Nelson is not some well-meaning, sensitive individual. She was in charge of the VA hospital in St. Louis, which was rated the worst in the nation out of 126 facilities under her reign. The situation at the hospital was so dire that 1,800 troops fell ill with HIV and hepatitis from unsterilized medical and dental equipment. The establishment protects its own, and Nelson was placed in another leading role in a hospital in the Philippines without repercussions. Military families were discouraged from speaking out.

RimaAnn Nelson’s leadership hurt so many US troops that even John McCain spoke out when Nelson was transferred yet again from the Phillippines to a VA hospital in Arizona. The backlash against this woman came from both sides. “Under Ms. Nelson’s tenure, the [St. Louis] hospital closed twice for unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and was ranked last in the country for patient satisfaction out of 126 VA medical centers,” Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) wrote to former President Obama. Nelson denied the allegations and remains in a position of authority. Her attempt to ban this symbolic picture of American patriotism is a minor blip compared to the things she has done.

The far-left is even causing rifts within the establishment, although everyone wants to rewrite history and mute the masses.

Freedom of speech has been dismantled by the few on the far-left promoting woke ideologies. It is happening across all nations adhering to the Great Reset.

The Puritans imposed their beliefs on the masses, outlawing sports, holidays such as Christmas, and authorized mass spying campaigns. Before the dawn of the internet, the government would hire authority figures to peak into people’s personal homes to ensure they were not breaking the law. It even became a felony to kiss your wife in public. Dare I say that the current ideology is even more deranged. There is no “wife” to kiss in public because “women” are not recognized as a separate sex and all terms alluding to gender is offensive. They likely found a picture depicting a war actually ending to be offensive as well.

This is yet another issue that cannot be considered a Democratic or liberal problem. The issue is a change in ideology coming from a select few ruling elite who wish to dismantle our rights to impose a new world order under a new set of values and morals. The years going into 2032 will be extremely difficult. The people will need to fight for their rights at every turn, and while the computers show that the elites WILL FAIL, the road to 2032 will be long and torturous.