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“One Water” Approach Led to Deaths on Maui

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Climate change zealots are destroying our society. I mentioned how Maui suffered the repercussions of Biden’s America-Last policies after they received mere breadcrumbs compared to a much larger payment to Ukraine that same week. Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM) deputy director M. Kaleo Manuel is responsible for multiple deaths amid the Maui fires. You see, Manuel believes in a “One Water” approach where water is sacred and should be used sparingly, including in the case of a massive fire.

Manuel’s page on the Obama Foundation’s website notes: “Kaleo is the Deputy Director of the State of Hawaiʻi Commission on Water Resource Management. He believes that ancient wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge of native peoples will help save the Earth. Kaleo is passionate about elevating native and indigenous ways of knowing in all spheres of discourse and dialogue.”

Firefighters in Lahaina, Hawaii, stated that the fire hydrants were basically empty on the day the fire erupted. “Fighting fire for their lives, getting overrun, trying to have a captain they are trying to get out to a burn center, hydrants aren’t working, that’s no different from cops being in a gunfight without bullets,” Frank Lima, secretary-treasurer of the International Association of Fire Fighters, described.

Kaleo Manuel did not immediately respond to the request to refill the reservoirs. Instead, he told the firefighters on the frontlines to discuss the matter with a local farmer to see how diverting the supply would impact him. People were burning alive and Manuel thought perhaps it was not fair to use the water so recklessly. “We can share it [water], but it requires true conversations about equity,” Manuel said in a poorly aged clip.

The World Economic Forum released an article in March: “Our relationship with water is political, says this climate scientist.” The “expert” claims that human’s relationship with water changed a century ago as “the promise of the modernist world was to separate us, to emancipate us from nature.” Equity is the keyword used again here. Everyone should have equal access to water. In global elite lingo, that means that we, the people, the Great Unwashed plebians, cannot manage our water, and it must be allocated to us in rations.

There is actually a dystopian Korean movie on Netflix regarding this matter where everyone has a water allotment provided to them by the government based on their social credit score. Sadly all these dystopian films seem to foreshadow of the future. The climate zealots will cheer EQUITY and willingly give all power to the government so they can distribute the basics of what we need to survive. Lives could have been saved in Hawaii if the government had allowed the fire department access to WATER.