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Is There Ever any Good News?

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Reisitance is not futile

COMMENT: Good day Martin and team,

As im reading your blog with my wife, she said ” really? No good news ever in this world ? What is the point then!”

I could not stop laughing because my family came from a former commi state ( Albania ) and thus,  we usually say that it is better to forget hope because this is what drives people crazy.

You know what we say :

American dies for freedom
Englishman dies for honor
Frenchman dies for love
We, from east europe just die…

This is a very funny joke at home

The faster you accept your faith the faster you will feel good, and function as one individual who has nothing to loose for we know they have no boundaries regarding our freedom… and we know the ultimate outcome.

She aggreed on that. What is killing is the wait!

When will the real show begin??

As of now we live in France, and we all prétend to work, and they all prétend to pay us but how long can this joke go on?

Thank you for your gift to us,

I wish you the best to team Martin!


REPLY: It appears that in 2022, the world is going to have a rude awakening. The good news is slowly but surely people are starting to realize they have been played. This sick idea of destroying the world to “build back better” green is just amazingly stupid. These people have NO IDEA of how an economy forms no less how civilizations emerge. People come together because the benefits outweigh the solitude. A synergy emerges that is greater than the individual parts. You do not need to bake bread because someone else does and that allows you to pursue your talents. These people do not respect how civilizations rise and fall. All these people see is their power.

Schwab Gates Soros

The good news is that there are pockets of resistance and we see people migrating and abandoning the cities. This is all shifting and reordering society and indeed it may be reshaping society into an us-v-them type of conflict, but this in itself is proving the very doom of these masterminds and they will fail. I do not believe you need to wait beyond 2022. You will see the resistance forming openly and there will be governments that start to crumble. This triumvirate will collapse in their own stupidity in trying to create a green new world. They not only fail to grasp how civilization is created, but they even have latched on to this old Malthusian idea of a population that will itself undergo cycles and will see a sharp contraction in the years ahead.

Civilization Empires Rise Fall Armstrong 1024x494

The rise and fall of civilizations have been tied to climate. They ignore history and refuse to comprehend that there are simply cycles to everything. When Rome was the dominant power, there was pollution and CO2 which was created by burning wood. The first clean air act was put into law in 535 AD. These people act like we will all become extinct unless we reduce CO2 to zero. They have no science to back them up, just a book that put the theory about CO2 creating one of the extinctions without any evidence — just assumption.

Wards Chart CO2

If we take the graph from the paleontologist Peter D. Ward’s book, Under a Green Sky” published in 2007, this is what has inspired this whole climate debate and there is no evidence that it was CO2 that created an extinction of hundreds of millions of years ago.

Good Bad News

So yes, the bad news is that these people even exist and they sadly have the money and influence to steer our republican governments against the people for their own benefit. The good news is that they are failing, and by 2022, their hard-pressed attempt to seize dominant power will be exposed. Thereafter, we will see a conflict between rising resistance against this brain-dead idea of redesigning the world economy. Thus, the good news is they fail!