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Europe’s Digital Decade – 2030

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The year 2030 will mark the beginning of Europe’s “Digital Decade,” according to the European Union, where our data and personal interactions will be digitized. The European Digital Infrastructure Consortium (EDIC) will act as the legal foundation to assist member states in developing their own digital programs and objectives. The Digital Decade policy programme [sic] is expected to be released in, you guessed it, 2030.

The European Commission and their unelected officials aim to provide the illusion of choice and empowerment. “All users, from childhood to old age, should be empowered and protected,” the Commission claims, stating that data will be secure and safe. Safety includes “a fair online environment,” such as removing disinformation and altering the truth as they see fit. Censoring the internet is essential for controlling the narrative.


The fact of the matter is that you will not have a choice. In order to participate in society, you must have a digital ID. They want 100% of public services to be digitized, including all medical records. As Queen Maxima of the Netherlands said at Davos, digitizing medical records will alert governments “who actually got a vaccination or not.” She said that every public service down to school enrollment should be linked to digital IDs, which is one of the reasons why they will force your children to have their own digital identification at birth, if not sooner.

“To reach the digital targets and objectives, the European Commission will accelerate and facilitate the launch of multi-country projects, large-scale projects that no single Member State could develop on its own,” the EC stated. The goal is to eventually move each member nation to a “Digital Single Market” to push Europe closer to being a nation rather than a continent. Hence, they say the Digital Single Market will change European culture entirely.

They throw in goals about sustainability and climate because it cannot be quantified or questioned at this stage. The Important project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) plans to implement 10,000 “climate-neutral highly secure edge nodes” in its “interoperable and accessible European data processing technologies, enabling a cloud to edge continuum across multiple providers.” In other words, they want 75% of European companies to use a centralized cloud database and grant government backdoor access. Seven member states are already working on mobilizing this program, with €1.2 billion in public funding granted to them in December 2023, following an additional €1.4 billion in private investments.

The first step is to acclimate the public to the idea of going digital, personally, as they wish to create a global digital identity. The World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report that encourages the use of a global digital identity program for persons and objects. “End-to-end trade digitalization requires a global approach to digital identities of natural and legal persons as well as of physical and digital objects sending or receiving electronic information to avoid creating digital identity silos,” the 2022 report stated. The only reason to trace persons as if they were objects is control.

America, Canada, the EU, and every nation deceived by globalist agenda has a plan to create a digital ID. This will begin as an independent endeavor for each nation. Europe has made it known that they will consolidate each member nation’s platform, but it has not been revealed that EVERY nation will be linked to the same universal database. Who will control the database that will contain all of your information and finances? The one-world government — the ultimate goal of the globalist elites who desire to rule the world.

The computer models indicate that justice will prevail and these power-hungry tyrants will ultimately be defeated, but our way of life as we have known it will change in the process.