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Biden Tried to Hide the Failure of the US in Afghanistan

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Biden OMG

Biden put pressure on the President of Afghanistan not to tell the world that the Taliban were winning to create the “perception” that the Taliban weren’t winning, “whether it’s true or not.” A transcript of the phone call exposes the lies of the White House that they did not know what was happening. They knew, screwed it up, and then have lied about everything. This is an Administration all about lies. Biden then tells the nation that his withdrawal has been an “exceptional success” just before this leaked transcript emerges. He left even hundreds of journalists behind.

The Biden Administration is circumventing the FDA demanding booster shots and they have been on board with COVID passports to be administered by the World Health Organization funded by Gates and the Rockefeller Foundations.

Confidence in Government

This is what our computer, Socrates, has been forecasting. This is the collapse of the CONFIDENCE in government as we move into 2022. I have been warning that even gold does not rise with regard to inflation or the debt people keep preaching year after year. When the national debt hit $1 trillion, gold peaked at $875. The national debt is now approaching $29 trillion and under their theory that has cost so many people their life savings, gold should be 29x that price which would be $25,375.

Gold 1980 Soviet Invasion

In November 1979, there were rumors of a Soviet invasion in troop movements. They invaded the day before Christmas in hopes of catching everyone off guard. We can see that gold rallied from $373 to $875 in just 12 weeks and it was all about confidence. Jimmy Carter was the president who was at least a genuinely nice guy, but incompetent as president. Now we have once more an incompetent president but he is not a nice guy. The rally in gold back then had NOTHING to do with the rise in debt nor with inflation. It was a rally on the collapse in confidence that the stability of the world was crumbling before everyone’s eyes. When World War III did not appear to be on the horizon, gold declines while they were preaching inflation and debt, but the market ignored those factors as it has once more today.

LFSUSA Y Array 9 25 2020

We have Panic Cycles in politics in 2022 and then again in 2024. We have the opportunity to take back all our countries in 2022 from the USA, Europe, and Australia. It is up to us to stand up and exert our political pressure to defeat these elitists who always think they know best and we are the hated Great Unwashed they view as rats that have overrun their playground. Our computer, Socrates, they have feared like Stalin who executed Kondratieff because Stalin too did not like a forecast that said the Soviet Union would fail. This Great Cabal (Gates-Schwab-Soros), will also fail but they will not go without a fight. Far too many who take money from Gates have no problem using COVID as a military tactic to end our freedom. They know that a coronavirus can NEVER be eradicated for it will reside in animals and come back every season like the Bird Flu, then Swin Flu, etc. So they are using COVID to destroy our freedom knowing that it will always be here so they lie to the people and create a never-ending military suppression.

Hect Model Schiavoni Source Code

They have waged a war against Socrates and me personally and even tried to have me killed. After being in a coma for about one week, I survived to their dismay. The movie on me, the Forecaster, was insured by Llyods of London. Every allegation in that movie had to be proven to get the insurance. I had it in writing that they demanded the source code.

Great Reset Reshaping the World

Socrates, not me, projects chaos ahead in 2022 politically, in markets, and in public confidence. This is a battle they are waging to seize the world and reshape it in their own image. They can kill me, destroy Socrates, but it will change nothing. They are doomed by their own arrogance.