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Biden & the COVID Fraud

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COMMENT #1: Marty,

To show how absurd the vaccine policy of the US really has become, we are now told vaccinated travelers can go to certain European countries soon reopening provided they have received both vaccines. Yet, on return to the US, they are still required by US government policy to get PCR tested and show negative as a condition to reentry.

So, what is the point of getting the vaccine if your own government doesn’t recognize its effectiveness as a remedy against catching or passing the virus to others?

Travel companies that require the vaccine to travel can’t explain the inconsistency, but simply repeat the policy as though it can be reconciled. This shows US policy is more about optics, more about following CDC and WHO, more about lining the pocket of big pharma. If the US govt doesn’t trust its citizens who already got the vaccine, then what is the point of the campaign?

This is about dividing the population into MOST FAVORED and Least favored, the US version of apartheid.


COMMENT #2: Good evening to you Mr. Armstrong
You have been posting a lot every day this week and I thank you for that. You are fabulous! You have more to say than any news outlet here in Toronto, and you always deliver intelligent well-researched articles 👏👏👏. Today’s articles on the Middle East were very, very in line with how I personally feel about the situation in that part of the world. This is why I decided to write to you as I always find that your opinions are very much like mine. It is an agreeable affinity that I find I have with you.

Lastly, I want to share with you that here in Ontario they have extended the lockdown until June 2nd.  Some people are saying that we have had the longest lockdowns in North America. I can not confirm that, but one thing I can definitely confirm is that this situation here is very demoralizing for people here. Summer is around the corner and people want to enjoy it and not be under house arrest. What this country has become is disgraceful. The only ones not complaining are the civil servants with their endless paid vacation. Schools are not opened and there is not even a timeline for when they will reopen. Well, enough said, I do not want to bother you with all this. You are busy enough with the wonderful and priceless service you do for humanity.

Take care, my dear Armstrong!


COMMENT #3: This is getting scary with vaccinating children because they may be able to spread it but they also say getting vaccinated just means you won’t get seriously sick but you can still get it. There is no truth at all in any of this.



REPLY: I have a friend whose grandparents have been locked down and they have deteriorated and are on their deathbed because they have been locked down. I saw it with my mother. The hospital would not release her and kept wanting to test more and more keeping her in bed which weakened her. The hospital killed my mother all for money. You cannot allow the elderly to be locked down. Once they stop moving and walking, they lose all strength. What is going on is sheer criminal. Now Fauci says that finally vaccinated Americans don’t need masks outside. Yet Fauci from the outset said masks did not work because all the studies have shown that they were “useless” as the Washington Post, America’s #1 Communist Newspaper these days, reported.



Fauci changed his entire agenda when he was let behind the curtain and has not only been bought & paid for by Bill Gates, but he has appeared in videos for Klaus Schwab claiming equality is the #1 problem and we need the Great Reset to strip the wealth from the Irish and hand it to who? Just the selected few?

John Hopkins, supported by Bloomberg and Gates, which lacks any independence whatsoever, admits that getting vaccinates does not prevent you from getting COVID. So, Biden is just showing he knows absolutely nothing. He is claiming that vaccinating teenagers will prevent them from getting it a spreading COVID. This conflicts with the very qualification they put on these vaccines. Hopkins writes:

“An effective vaccine will protect someone who receives it by lowering the chance of getting COVID-19 if the person encounters the coronavirus. More important is whether the vaccine prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death.  At this time, all three vaccines are highly efficacious at preventing serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.  Widespread vaccination means the coronavirus will not infect as many people. This will limit spread through communities and will restrict the virus’s opportunity to continue to mutate into new variants.”


Even the #1 Communist TV Station admits that fully vaccinated people are still getting COVID and several hundred have still died.



We already know that Fauci has no respect for human rights or our Constitutional rights. What these people are doing is outrageous. There is one thing about the masses being sheep. Those in power know all too well that there are two ways to fool the people. One is to make them believe what isn’t true, but then the other is to ensure they refuse to believe what is true by calling all opposition just a conspiracy theory.

Old World Order

I am so happy I am not 18. I do not want to live in the world these people are trying to create. They are deliberately leading society toward war to reduce the population and now they realize that to accomplish their Great Reset, they must turn society to ash. That is how they succeeded in installing Marxist post-World War II.