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The Sentiment in Germany is Turning Against Exaggerated Virus

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We are seeing a number of people coming out in Germany. This is an open letter to Merkel about the exaggeration of using this virus to destroy the economy. Dr. Bodo Schiffmann also Talks About Facts! (these are in German, but they are calling into question what is going on with using this virus to take control of the people and the economy.

Is this power-play to save the Euro by forcing the Federalization and support the left agenda going to lead to the European Revolution that breaks the Euro?

CDC You Tube Notice

Any post which is calling into question this Virus Revolution is starting to be removed from the internet and on You Tube they are immediately carrying a message to contact the CDC for the truth. That reminds me of Russia and Pravda. This is making many to wonder will they start just arresting people for disagreeing and begin blocking the internet to any dissent?

This is going way over the top and it makes no sense when at least 10x the amount of people should be dead by now with the normal flu. Will these people make China appear to be the new land of liberty? How far is this going to go?

Ferguson Neil

We even have India joining the party moving to lock down people for 3 weeks with only about 1000 cases for 1.2 billion population? This is even AFTER the Ferguson model was shown to be bogus. Was he paid like the Christopher Steele to create a fake dossier to try to take down trump? This time was this fake projection that 2.2 million American would be dead by now paid for by the left to strip us of our liberty?

So many questions are starting to appear. The press will never investigate so where does that leave us?