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Has the Rule of Law Collapsed in Germany?

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Reiner Fuellmich


I want to explain an incident when I was doing a world tour for the Forecaster Movie. In Europe, there would be a question-and-answer period after the film concluded. I was in Frankfurt, and a woman stood up and said this is what was wrong with America. It always protected the bankers. She was stunned at how they could keep me in prison on civil contempt with no trial and no defined charges at all. She said this was not the first example of the corrupt American legal system.

Then, a German lawyer stood up and corrected her. He said in Germany, what the US did to me, they do all the time to Germans.

Reiner Fuellmich, is an attorney and international freedom advocate. He has taken a major step to investigate the criminal activity of politicians in COVID. Because Germany did not charge him, they would have to put on a case and extradite him back to Germany. They illegally kidnapped him from Mexico, which is a complete violation of international law.

This is a warning to everyone. The rule of law has completely collapsed. Nothing matters anymore. These governments are simply desperate because they know they are losing power. Just as the US imposed sanctions on Russia, that divided the world economy and sent a warning to every other nation that if they do not do as the United States Neocons demand, they too will be removed from the global financial system. The ramifications now have many preparing alternatives to this insane tyranny.

There is nothing we can do. Just as Communism collapsed from its own weight, the West will suffer the same fate by 2032. This is NOT my wish nor my opinion. Our computer’s forecast has been spot on when it comes to its geopolitical forecasts for many years.

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