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Germany & The Far-Left Press Called them All Far-Right Radicals

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Berelin 8 29 2020 2


COMMENT: Dear Marty,

I wrote the below report today From Germany, to my children in Canada and US.

Re: Berlin Demonstration 29.08. 2020,

Quote I am just recovering from a late night and most of yesterday afternoon viewing of many hours of life coverage of what has happened in Berlin. Police, whilst restraint, (not with it whole heartedly) but following orders from above, acted clearly on orders from Chief of Police, which were against the law. Several of the life reporting had their feeds cut midstream. Came back hours later). 95-98 percent of the attendees were peaceful. Only 2-5% had possible alternate motives and represented undesired groups. SICKENING, the Government, mainstream media and police yesterday and today played down drastically the attendees characters, motives, misrepresented their intentions, grossly(on purpose) underestimated the attendees at only 38,000. In reality at least 300,000 had congregated in Berlin for the totally legal, twice court approved, registered demonstration.

The Police had actually blocked all feeder roads and modes of transport to the main event area. Since the police had blocked the access roads there was a pileup of people pushed through inflow from the back. This was used by Police as excuse to shut down the demonstration parade, since ?distancing? was not observed. (If distancing, apparently no masks stipulated)

At the main event at the SIEGES SAEULE distancing was observed, but despite, Police illegally started to shut down the event of people sitting peacefully on the ground from around 23:00 hours. The so called “storming” of parliament was perhaps 7 (seven) people sitting on the steps of parliament “Reichstag” and yes, in the crowd one could see about 2-3 Reich’s Flags.

The incident at the Russian Embassy was similar. About 20 to 30 people shouted abuses at the police and perhaps 6-8 bottles were thrown. There were perhaps 3 Reich’s Flags. So perhaps 100 of the crowds at the Russian Embassy were of those perhaps radical supporters.

All the media is reporting and Government announces is those two events. The rest are described as a mob, COVID-19 deniers. (No one is or was denying), they just want answers to this gross miss manipulation of figures, panic enticing Government propaganda and unnecessary extremely excessive lock downs. And of course describing the demonstrators as conspiracy theorists.

It’s a great shame what is happening!!

I am sure there will be an aftermath, if not now, at the next federal election 2021 there will be huge vote swings. Unquote

Best regards


REPLY: It is very clear that the media is now the real conspirators against the people. They refuse to simply publish the truth. They are helping to create a Socialist World exactly as they did reporting so positive of the Russian Revolution. Stalin stole all the food from Ukraine killing 7 million people to pretend that Communism was a success. Papers like the New York Times cheered that Communism was the way of the future.