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Germany Stopping Gold Sales & Cash Dollar Conversions? Beware 23rd?

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Gold Dollars

COMMENT: Dear Marty,

just wow! You are the only beacon in a rough sea. Thank you for all you do!

Pro Aurum is the largest dealer of physical gold and silver outside the banking system in Germany. They are closing their online shop for three days from March 23rd to 25th 2020. They stated that they will re-open again after that but with a limited product choice, and who really knows? The reason they are giving is interesting:

„We were told today by our logistician service provider, Prosegur (who delivers our physical metals worth 25.000 Euros or more) that until further notice they will not deliver to private persons and private persons can not pick up their orders.“

One wonders what is going on here?!

Please find Pro Aurum‘s notice here:

Keep up the good work! It is highly appreciated!

Kind regards,

M (Germany)


REPLY: This is what is fueling the rumors that Europe will cancel its currency and try to force everything into the banking system. The same is happening to cash dollars.