German Government Directing Press to Misrepresent the People

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I cannot even say how many emails are coming in from Germany. This is 5 minutes time-lapse of the Berlin march against COVID Lockdowns. You can see these are NOT Nazis or right-wing nut jobs or extremists. The deliberate misrepresenting of what is taking place reveals that not only is the press engaging in fake news, they are deliberating acting as the press did to further the Russian Revolution. This was far too big of an event for the Press to try to downplay. Their entire credibility has now been lost.

Our reliable sources are all saying the same thing. They need these lockdowns and continued extended regulations of masks, social distancings all to prevent uprisings. The financial system is in serious crisis and this in part is causing the migration of capital. These lockdowns are now taking on covert purposes. While in the USA they are trying to overthrow Trump, outside of the USA they are trying to save Socialism. This is becoming very dramatic and the vast majority will lose a fortune because they refuse to look at what is taking place on a global coordinated basis.

We will update the Private Bog in more detail.