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Berlin & How the Press Cheers the Left

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Germany May Day 2021 1024x537

The traditional Communist/Marxist demonstrations on May Day show just how biased the press is in Europe. While the commentary is in German, they do not call them leftists whereas anyone demonstrating for freedom is called Neo-Nazis. Many German friends all comment the same way – nobody trusts the media in Germany anymore. Why is the press so intent upon ending our freedom?

1928 Berlin Revolution

They are not just losing all credibility, they will become a target when revolution erupts, and that history warns is inevitable. How quickly they forget in the West what everyone fought for and the true purpose of the Berlin Wall. It was not to keep the West out as they told their people in the East because they had the perfect society managed by Stasi Police but to keep the people in prison.



Ministry for State Security (Stasi) smelling jars _ From the Vault

Let’s get honest here. The only other intelligence agency to collect evidence on everyone was the notorious Stasi of East Germany. When the wall came down, the extent of the secret police operations targeted against their own people was mind-blowing. What surfaced was their “smelling jars” collection. Yes, the Stasi used odor recognition to keep tabs on anyone they suspected. The Stasi often collected the samples covertly by breaking into homes to stealing a suspects’ used underwear. They then kept them in jars in case they turned up missing to hunt them down.

I find this very disturbing when COVID has a kill ratio of only 0.028% and governments are using this to wipe out all freedom and human rights which include the freedom of speech. Then the press is cheering this total surveillance and the World Economic Forum is pushing for a Digital ID to even access the internet.