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A Post From Germany

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German Politicians

From Anonymous in Germany:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Germany advocate, Ms. Beate Bahner went to the Supreme Court to question the denial of fundamental ground rights in the course of the coronavirus scam. Under the chair of judge  Stephan Harbarth the lawsuit was refused to be disputed. Judge Stephan Harbarth is a member of CDU of chancellor Merkel, was until 2018 a member of the Bundestag, and is known to be well linked to various industries in his home region of Baden-Württemberg. He wants to become President of the supreme court.

The story continued. Ms. Bahner gave her license as a lawyer back and declared that the constitutional state is dead, so there is no need for lawyers anymore. She asked people to stand up to make a stand, participate in demonstrations and civil disobedience.

Then her homepage was shut down by her provider. The following day Ms. Bahner registered a dark car entering her garage with two men sitting inside looking for her. She went for the street. There she asked people to help her, but nobody did drive her away or anything. Meanwhile, the police arrived. Ms. Bahner, a thin lady, was thrown to the ground and arrested with the hands behind her back, a treatment in Germany reserved for dangerous people. Then police did not mention the reason for this.

She was then transferred to the psychiatry of her hometown of Heidelberg and isolated in pitiful conditions like no toilet etc. The caretakers used force against her when she asked for basic care. Then she was informed, that she must stay there for at least 6 weeks because she is a danger not wearing a face mask. She was asked if she wants to stay there by free will. She denied this and asked for a hospitalization decision by an appointed judge. This decision was denied. But she got better treatment in a station with many real depressive patients etc., got a cellphone and could inform her sister who loaded this up to the internet.

In the press, many journalists are cheering this treatment (outstanding idiots, really), also many commentators are laughing about the “crazy lawyer”. Only a few have realized, what this could mean to themselves in the future.

Ms.Bahner said in the phone call, at least she feels safe in psychiatry, which I as an experienced MD can deny for sure. It is not sure to stay in the middle of the really crazy and dangerous people. So anything can happen anytime, as experienced Martin as well.

It makes me cry, if I think of my children. What world will this be? Can we hope that the politicians and Gates overstretch this and it collapses under the siege of civil unrest, war, and the end of civilization 2032?

I would prefer dying in the war than living in a society like this forever.

Please stay alive Martin

you give us some hope in the darkness

with all best wishes