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You Can Check-In for the Euro but You Can Never Leave

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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble explained on Tuesday that Greece will remain in the euro, no matter how the referendum ends on Sunday. Two years ago, Mario Draghi commented on the continued existence of the euro by saying that the single currency was just irreversible. Angela Merkel delivered a very cold speech stating there are no known proposals that could lead to a common solution to the crisis. The USA position is of course that they want Greece to remain in the euro solely based upon NATO. Then there is the issue of throwing out Greece’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis from any meeting. Why expel a finance minister? The reason may lie in a hidden scheme.

There is behind the curtain posturing going on which is out of the public eye, whereas people do not quite realize that joining the euro was the surrender of national sovereignty. Brussels has a hidden clause that shows from the very beginning that this was a covert action to federalize Europe by displacing democratic institutions from the top down. The sinister clause at issue explains why they expelled Yanis Varoufakis because they need unanimous consent to supersede the sovereignty of any member state.

Article 352 TFEU

(1) If there is any action by the Union under the conditions laid down in the Treaties policies needed to attain one of the objectives of the Treaties, and in the Treaties the necessary powers not provided , the Council shall, acting unanimously on a proposal from the Commission and after assent of the European Parliament take the appropriate measures. If these provisions are adopted by the Council in accordance with a special legislative procedure, it shall also act unanimously on a proposal from the Commission and after approval by the Euro-pean [sic] Parliament.

(2) The Commission shall draw national parliaments in the procedure for monitoring the subsidiarity principle referred to in Article 5, paragraph 3 of the Treaty on European Union ‘attention to proposals which are based on this product.

(3) Measures based on this Article shall not entail harmonization of the laws of the Member States in cases where the Treaties exclude such harmonization.

(4) This item can not serve as a basis for attaining objectives pertaining to the common foreign and security policy and any acts adopted pursuant to this Article shall remain within the Article 40 paragraph 2 of the Treaty on European Union specified limits.

This Article 352 allows the EU to wage economic war on any member state to force its will upon the people, regardless of what they vote. This is an amazing authoritarian view for this is not just about maintaining a single currency; it is now all about centralized power. The EU is now in a position to carry out coercive measures against Greece that are completely outside any legal framework. The scheme is roughly equivalent to what we know from the national legislation as emergency legislation. The only restriction in paragraphs is that it must not be used as a basis for attaining objectives pertaining to the common foreign and security policy. So it’s almost a paragraph in order to maintain the EU’s internal order.

To invoke such federalized power requires a unanimous vote, which explains why they would expel Yanis VaroufakisIt appears that the EU Commission is not about to accept an exit vote by the Greek people. They have eliminated any democratic means to exit the euro. This could lead to major civil unrest throughout Europe for playing hardball with Greece will expose the federalization of Europe. It also explains why they now want to create a European Army at the direction of the EU Commission and Troika.

They could try to send an independent finance minister to run the country as if it were a bankrupt state – a court appointed type of trustee without the court. That was imposed upon Germany following World War I.

What appears to be underway here is a very nasty move toward a complete collapse in any democratic right of the Greek people to exit the Euro. This is becoming more and more like the Eagle’s song “Hotel California” – you can check-in, but you can never leave.