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The Nightmare of the EU

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QUESTION: Hello martin
I read your blog about the madness going on in Spain and you said this is what will happen in Europe. I am in Scotland and as far as I know the UK has left Europe. But is this true? I believe that we are still tied to Europe. Do you think that what is going on will hit here. I have read that Scotland is also a testing ground just like Spain. I hope not but have a gut feeling this may be the case.
You referred that under new laws they could take your property away. What if the property is in a private trust? Would the laws allow this? Seems things are becoming pretty lawless.
Thank you
All the best


ANSWER: I seriously doubt that Johnson would ever be able to pull this one off in the UK. There is rising resistance building against the EU and many are starting to see that the greatest danger is by no means Russia, COVID, or Martians. The greatest threat remains right there in Brussels – the EU is now driven by Klaus Schwab.

At the WEF, Schwab has a ZERO ERROR policy. He will not suffer mistakes from his employees. He is a perfectionist and is deliberately creating havoc and then using that to claim he is right. I know they have manipulated the Black Lives Matter to create civil unrest and then they twist to say they are creating civil unrest because they want Schwab’s “EQUALITY” which is the code-word for nobody will own anything.

Then you must understand that the reason they claim Marxism failed before was that they only had Russia and China. In their mind, if they have the entire world, then communism will work. This is void of human rights and it is totalitarianism.

Boris has had to back off because Resistance is not Futile. They will do more than chasing BBC journalists on the street. He was going to try a lockdown into the sping of 2022. I think they will be storming #10 and dragging Boris out just for sport if he really thinks he will get away with that. They might hang him, but I don’t think they would behead him as in the old days.

The EU is firmly in the hands of Schwab. He can claim the rising civil unrest is because they want EQUALITY rather than it is because of his EQUALITY, but I really think someone is going to figure out the place to storm is the WEF in Switzerland – not Brussels. That is the head of the snake. The rest of Europe dances to his song.