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The Fallacy of Trying to Fight the Troika in Their Own Courts

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Greece now threatens to appeal the abuse of the Troika by taking court action to block a Grexit, or really a Greek expulsion or takeover of Greece by the Troika. European leaders have sold their own peoples’ rights to the highest bidder in Brussels and warn in concert that a “No” vote on Sunday means that Greece will be pushed out of the euro.


It would be the GREATEST of all achievements if Greece just got the hell out of this insane sinking ship. The rest of Europe ignored the protests in Cyprus. They are making the very same mistake again by blaming Greece rather than the unsound construction of the euro by people who have no clue what currency truly is.  This is now simply about maintaining centralized power at the expense of any democratic policy.

What Hitler could not accomplish by force of arms, Brussels is doing by making decrees.

The EU leaders are now working to rig the elections to make it appear that the Greek people are overthrowing their own government. God help Greece. The Troika will destroy the Greek economy; we will likely see civil war emerge in Greece, for the majority of the people really do want to preserve their own dignity as a nation.

Trying to fight the Troika in their own court is a futile exercise for there is no legal foundation that ensures a true interpretation of the law.