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Forecast from the Berlin WEC: Europe the Focal Point

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the Berlin Conference. I must say, I am impressed. You said Europe was the problem and this is still unfolding with every passing day. I understand this was not you personally. This is the computer. It can really project the future long term. That is what you were forecasting. I assume you will now expand on this in Orlando. Are you consolidating two conferences into one so you will not be able to accommodate the same number of people? Is my assumption correct?

ANSWER: Yes. We will not have the capacity to accommodate 1,000 people in one conference. I do think that is too much anyhow as I like the interaction with clients.

Ocean Wave

The computer plots the global economy for it looks at everything combined. The forecasts cannot be my personal opinion. It is impossible to stay on top of every market in the world simultaneously. When you comprehend the forecast, you can see it coming, for the markets all fit together to reveal the trend. Observing the key markets that provide the markers around the globe allows you to see the forecast unfolding. We try to show you the links so you can see if the forecast is correct and how it is moving. These things are like standing at the beach and watching a wave form as it moves closer to you before crashing into the shore.

Yes, Europe is the focal point both economically and for our War Cycle. We are preparing a special report now — “The Coming European Civil War.” The next phase is about to unfold. This year there will not be an introduction to the WEC, as that will be provided on DVD. This year it is far too important to focus just on the forecasts and to review the world markets so you can see it coming. This is all about providing those markers.