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Swedish Police Say 15-Year-Old Girls are to Blame for Increased Rapes by Refugees

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Sweedish Police

Believe it or not, Swedish girls under 15 are causing Muslim men to rape them, according to the Swedish government. Politicians can never be wrong, so the problem is not that they let all these unemployed Muslims in for welfare, it is that Swedish girls are just asking to be raped. This is the absurd reality that was presented in an unbelievable police report, which looks at why Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence in all of Europe.

As reported in the Express, the police concede that the vast majority of attacks have taken place in public places and involve Muslim migrants. The report goes further by stating that these Muslims, who are not following their faith, are getting drunk and cannot “handle the alcohol” as they simply feel “horny” and have “ignorance of the consequences for the girls.” So it is the girls’ fault, not the migrants, and certainly not the politicians. When will the fathers start dragging the politicians out into the streets? You know that day is coming.