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Say Goodbye to the Euro by 2016?

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Politicians never get enough and never tell the truth. Perhaps they are right and can fool the people in general. Expect this move soon in your country. They are pretending they need to grab every phone call, text, and email for terrorism when in fact they are hunting money. So what do you do when about 10% of the European population does not have a bank account? You force them to open one. (See Die Welt)

Claiming they are just simplifying terminology, every EU member state has to implement an EU directive before the beginning of 2016 which “entitles” every citizen to have a so-called “basic” bank account. Therefore, that 10% of the European population without a bank account who prevents moving to a cashless society must have a bank account by the end of the year. They are trying to make it appear to be some new right of a modern society when in fact it is their way of raising taxes to ensure they get everything they ever dreamed of. This has now been extended to include this entitlement for all of the homeless and asylum-seekers.

Say goodbye to all freedom. Embrace “1984” — it was just a little late. Maybe this is why we need someone like Donald Trump or anyone who is not part of this awful crowd of career politicians who are out to destroy all freedom by their greed. This may be the ultimate reason why the Europeans turn and run back to the dollar.