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Merkel Spying on France & EU Commission?

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So far, Angela Merkel has beaten every scandal that has emerged, from the euro to the NSA. She has been the real pillar in the euro and it now seems she may have one scandal too many. Merkel has perhaps been the most popular German head of state post-war. People are starting to ask, is she for real?

She let her subordinate, Roland Profalla, explain that the U.S. intelligence community is always stopped by German law. That seemed to end that scandal. Yet little by little, the truth is leaking out and flowing under the curtain this time with a stench that is causing some to wake up. 

First, there was the issue where the NSA tapped her cell phone. Then it came out that she knew all along, and never really used the cell phone for state affairs. Now what is surfacing is that her government has been engaging with the NSA and has been spying on France and the EU Commission. If Merkel goes down, there goes Europe.