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Let the Voter Fraud Begin in BREXIT – Ready, Set Rig It!

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British voters in the EU referendum  are shown how to vote to reject BREXIT and stay in the EU by the government. The Telegraph has at least shown that the Postal Voting system provides the example showing REMAIN in the EU. That is of course the first box to check. The government will count on these mail-ins as they did in Austria to ensure they can rig the vote claiming they have the balance in these types of votes just in case they lose at the polls.

The problem that will erupt is if they rig the vote to remain in the EU and try to shut down the people, what will they do when the people find out they have been completely screwed by Brussels? Will this set the stage for serious civil unrest in Britain?


Treaty of the Union

This is an extremely dangerous game Cameron is playing. It just so happens that the United Kingdom was born under Queen Ann on May 1, 1707, which was 1707.331. If the BREXIT vote is rejected, civil unrest will start in Britain 309.6 years from that date, which will be 2016.931 or December 5th/6th, 2016. The year 2016 has popped up on numerous models which we will cover in the BREXIT Report due this week.